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Support Carli’s Christmas Appeal

Support Carli’s Christmas Appeal

Hi. My name is Carli and I'd like to tell you a bit about myself and ask for your help.

In my family, we have some wonderful things that have been passed down through generations. My most treasured is my nan's recipe book, which is full of notes and clippings. I use it all the time, but especially at Christmas. It's nice to have things which connect us.

Sadly, there is also something we don't want to hand down

My mum and nan both developed early-onset Alzheimer's disease due to a very rare faulty gene. Mum is 58 and now lives in a nursing home because of the disease. My nan developed Alzheimer's in her late forties and died at 65. Now, there's a fifty percent chance that I will also develop the disease, along with my brother, sister and our kids – all due to a faulty gene. I'm desperate for this not to happen.


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I’m currently working with researchers supported by Alzheimer’s Research UK. My family is susceptible to a fault in the Amyloid Precursor Protein gene, one of the causes of Alzheimer’s. I’m working with scientists to help develop 'biomarkers' - ways to detect the very earliest signs of Alzheimer's disease, long before it does its worst. I know treatment may well come too late for me and others who I love dearly, but it will help everyone in the long run. I have complete faith that Alzheimer’s Research UK are going to find a way to stop Alzheimer’s from hurting us in the future, the way it hurts today. Can you help too?

Carli and her mum in 2015
Carli and her mum in 2015

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The future of Alzheimer's and other diseases that cause dementia is in our hands. Please give all you can now, to help power vital research for desperately-needed breakthroughs.

  • Support scientists to build on the discovery of 21 genes linked to an altered risk of Alzheimer’s. By understanding what these genes do, scientists are identifying targets for the development of new treatments.
  • Give hope to families like Carli’s, who have been waiting too long for new treatments. We could enable scientists to find new and better ways to detect diseases like Alzheimer’s sooner, allowing potential treatments to be given earlier.
  • Build a future where we can all be free from the life-shattering diseases that cause dementia.  We’ll support scientists to help detect the disease in its earliest stages, when future treatments are most likely to be effective.

Support Carli’s Christmas Appeal



could help pay for a sensitive brain scan for
a person involved in a research study, tracking
the effectiveness of new drug treatments.



could assist scientists developing
a blood test to help detect the disease
in its earliest stages.



could help fund a chemical kit
to help scientists detect and study
rogue dementia proteins in the brain.

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