What your support will do

Your regular gift will help us plan our life-changing research by having more predictable funding.

The support we receive through regular donations will power research towards our mission of helping to bring about the first life-changing dementia treatment and, ultimately, a cure that will protect millions of people and their families from the heartbreak of dementia.

How we spend your money

We know how important the way we operate and behave is to you. The only way to overcome dementia is through research, and so we promise to use your donations to fund the very best.


For every £1 donated, 84p powers our research and helps people to understand and fight dementia. We continually focus on running the charity as efficiently as possible, including using volunteers wherever we can. We’re totally transparent – further details can be found in our Annual Report.

"Regular gifts are the lifeline to our research and we’re incredibly grateful to people like you who choose to support us in our work."Prof Tony Holland - Alzheimer’s Research UK-funded Clinical Researcher

Alzheimer’s took my mother’s life, but our loved-ones hopefully could be saved from the same fate. With advanced scientific research, hard work and generous support, Alzheimer’s Research UK, one day, could make finding a cure a reality.
Bryan Cranston