I love parkrun. I love the sense of community. I love the sense of wellbeing I get from it. And I love that, by 10am, it helps you feel like you’ve achieved something with your day.

Hi, my name’s Hannah. I did my first parkrun in January 2016. It was the Christmas that my mum had gone into a home, and we didn’t want to celebrate the new year. I’d been doing the ‘couch to 5k’ and suggested to Dad that we go to parkrun.

It gave us something to do and a chance to run out our thoughts and feelings during a pretty tough period. But it was fun too. And everyone was really lovely. Dad’s done 87 parkruns now and I’ve run the London and Berlin marathons.

When I found out that parkrun supported Alzheimer’s Research UK I loved it even more.

It felt great to get behind a charity that means so much to me and my family, and to know that there are other parkrunners who want to help. Because mum was diagnosed with the disease when she was only 55.

You just feel helpless. There had been a few signs of course but to get that diagnosis changed everything. And after going into the home, mum passed away at 60.

If we all give our best times to Alzheimer’s Research UK this year, we’ll push them even closer to the next breakthrough. It could lead to the next important treatment, and it could stop people like me feeling helpless.

So, I think it’s great that we all have this simple way to get involved.

parkrun is something special. I wish I’d found it earlier to be honest. I would have liked to take mum along.

I now know that exercise is a good thing for people with dementia and that she’d have been really welcome. We could have been among the guys at the back, not trying to set any personal bests but just having fun.

I like that you can do that at parkrun. Because it’s all progress.

I get a similar feeling from supporting Alzheimer’s Research UK. They’ve really helped my family and as they’re determined to find treatments for Alzheimer’s, you know your support means more research. And through that, scientists will find a way of overcoming the disease.

That’s really amazing. Because you don’t find that hope anywhere else.

Thank you for reading this. Your support means a lot.

I would have liked to take Mum along to parkrun

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Other ways to get involved

If you would like to Give It Your Best in others ways, parkrun and Alzheimer’s Research UK both rely upon the goodwill of volunteers to help in a variety of different roles.

From setting-up events to taking part in dementia research projects you can find out more information below.