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UK Dementia Research Institute Appeal 2019

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Your gift today could help us understand the link between hearing loss and dementia

Hearing loss is a natural part of life and could be one of the most significant risk factors of all when it comes to dementia…

Let me tell you more about my work and how you can help researchers like me understand the connections between everyday life and dementia risk. Because the sooner we know how specific lifestyle choices are linked to dementia, and the changes people can make, the sooner we can find a way to stop one in three cases of dementia before it even starts.

By supporting today’s appeal, you could fund prevention and treatment studies that would change lives for generations to come.

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"Projects like mine can’t happen without people like you. The sooner we understand how these lifestyle choices are linked to dementia, the sooner we could find a way to prevent one in three cases of dementia from ever developing."

Dr Sergi Constafreda, University College London and Alzheimer’s Research UK

Your gift today can help establish the connections between everyday life and dementia risk.



Please support our appeal

Brain-High Res


could help to fund long-term population studies to unpick the risk factors for dementia and reveal the best ways to maintain good brain health as we age.

PHD-High Res


could go towards a PhD Studentship that, as well as increasing our understanding of dementia, will help establish another bright research mind.

Microscope-High Res


could help pay for specialist equipment, allowing our scientists to grow nerve cells under laboratory conditions in order to support this and similar studies.

DNA-High Res


could go towards the cost of dementia pilot projects; testing grounds for research that could lead to the breakthroughs of tomorrow.

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