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UK Dementia Research Institute Appeal 2019

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When committed, like-minded people come together, amazing things can happen.

And that is why I would like to invite you to support what I believe is the most exciting new development in dementia research in a generation.

It’s called the UK Dementia Research Institute (UK DRI, for short), a network of hundreds of leading researchers based in universities all over the UK, to create a world-class powerhouse of dementia science and power vital research studies that will shape the way dementia is viewed, treated – and, one day, cured.

The UK DRI has the capability to draw on all that has been done before, adding this knowledge to new projects, and bringing together more pieces of the dementia puzzle to find answers earlier.

This is a unique opportunity to be part of something that will bring hope to the millions of people affected by dementia – today, and in the future. Will you give your support with a gift today?


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My colleagues and I here at Alzheimer’s Research UK have been pushing ourselves further and further for the past two years to help make the UK DRI happen – and now that it has, a number of us are going the extra mile with all kinds of fundraising activities outside of work to support it. For instance, I’m taking part in the 2019 Virgin Money London Marathon, because I want to get research over the finish line for all those who desperately need new treatments.

But for the UK DRI to succeed, it needs even more than a few people.

It needs all of us to come together – and make amazing things happen. That’s why I would like you to go that little bit further with a donation today.

Dr Laura Phipps. Head of Communications and Engagement, Alzheimer’s Research UK.
Dr Laura Phipps Head of Communications and Engagement, Alzheimer’s Research UK.

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could help us fund 300 expert researchers and attract hundreds more.


could help us power 50 world-leading research programmes to better understand the diseases that causes dementia.


could help us bring six world-class universities closer together to find a treatment in dementia faster.

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Alzheimer’s Research UK is proud to fund this exciting new initiative, along with the Medical Research Council and Alzheimer’s Society. By pulling together, we can make sure the UK DRl brings hope to the millions of people affected by dementia – today and in the future.